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Pinewood Pallets Manufacturers,Suppliers in Pune

We are the best Pinewood Pallets manufacturers, suppliers in Pune. We make 2-lane flat-structured pine pallets that are overloaded with 1 or 2 tons. Our Pinewood pallets suppliers in Pune take bulk orders and offer customers with flexible pricing. We accept to export pine wood pallets with many different sizes and dimensions. Our pine wooden pallets are designed with natural colored wood material.

Our pine wood pallets come with high strength and fine workmanship. Pine pallets are made of pine wood and play a supporting role for loading and unloading and transporting goods. We have supplied pine wood pallets to various industries such as packaging, food, and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc. We offer pine pallets in a wide variety for packaging purposes and therefore we are widely accepted as a manufacturer of pine pallets in Pune.

Pinewood Pallets Properties

Pinewood pallets are pallets made from pine wood, which is a softwood that is commonly used for pallets due to its availability, low cost, and relatively high strength-to-weight ratio.

The pallets are made by cutting and assembling planks of pine wood to form a platform with spaces between the boards for forklifts or pallet jacks to access. Pine is the most common wood used for pallets due to its low cost and availability.

It is an economical solution for varying packaging requirements related to storage and transportation.


  • Transportation of heavy machinery and equipment.
  • Packaging and shipping of goods and products.
  • Storage and organization of warehouse inventory.
  • Construction of raised garden beds or compost bins.
  • Creation of furniture or DIY projects.
  • Indoor or outdoor decking or flooring.
  • Production of wooden crates or boxes for storage or shipping.
  • Displays or shelving units for retail stores.
  • Temporary or portable flooring for events or exhibitions.
  • Firewood storage or stacking.


Usage/Application Packaging
Shape Rectangular
Capacity (in Kg) Customized
Pallet Type Pine wood
Wood Type Soft Wood
Color Natural
Entry Type 4 Way
Material wood
Nails Used Screw Nails
Application 4 Way
Entry Type 4 Way

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